Thursday, May 06, 2010

Open letter to the Academic Year 2009-2010.

Dear Academic Year 2009-2010,

Although I have not yet submitted a single grade, you are almost over. If not all the way over, then virtually over. "Over." As in, I am over you. Mostly. Except for that one student I'm talking to on Saturday morning. And the few extensions I granted, but really: OVER, just about.

I have totaled up the participation portion of your grade. I have read your portfolio, Academic Year 2009-2010, and I have assessed its rhetoricity. I have contemplated, though only by means of the sidelong glance, your collateral damage, and guess what? I am denying you your incomplete.

I have a gown but no cap and certainly no regalia, Academic Year 2009-2010. I am not down with regalia. I am, to be honest, not down with the gown, either, but I'm called upon to wear it. That's one of my problems with you, Academic Year 2009-10: you have been just about twenty-five percent too much of that kind of dress-up and show-up nonsense.

Academic Year 2009-2010, I feel I have satisfied your demands (except for the grades). I have the data and the documents. So this is me, blowing you a kiss goodbye. I am brushing the dust of you off my sandals, so to speak.

Academic Year 2009-2010, it's been swell. So long.




  1. This is excellent. If this is reflection, I'm for it.

  2. Hilarious. Well done. I hope once you have submitted those grades we can look forward to more blogging! And movies. Sigh.

  3. Dear HTMS,

    Congratulations on getting through, around, under and over your year. Well played.



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