Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One sentence.

"The grading is finished," she announced,
"except for this one guy who, well,

where on earth is his community writing project,
and this other guy
who did not revise one thing in his final portfolio,
so I have to stew some more
about that,
but aside from those guys,
I say it's now officially summer,"

and with that
she wrapped the quilt more
closely around her because apparently
May is, like, late winter in
dark times.

tags: sententia


  1. Why is may so cold!!!???

  2. It's cold here as well where we too grant extensions and blanket up.

  3. I'm writing to you from Washington, where the skies are blue and cloudless, and the sun has been shining (shining!) and the graded & gradeless don't exist, but merely shimmer in the infinite horizon...
    summer misses you...

  4. The second best thing I can say about this May is that I don't have to go to kids' baseball and/or soccer games anymore. So yay for that.

    The first best thing I can say is that your summer has arrived. Yay for the semester's end.



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