Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Today I rather enjoyed . . .

. . . doing preparatory work for the new semester, wearing stylish sweats all day, having a parcel arrive on my porch, taking Bruiser for a walk in the early afternoon, finding an $8 dress--purple! with sparkly stuff!--at Target, eating pancakes for breakfast and leftover jambalaya for lunch, getting an alert from the library's robot that there were detective novels waiting for me at the library, going to the library, watching The Good Wife, fixing sandwiches for the newly returned son, listening to The National while I worked, making soup for dinner, practicing hibernation whilst watching a little television and reading a little V.S. Naipaul before succumbing to crime. One of the detective novels, that is.


  1. I'd rawther enjoy a day like that too - What Naipaul ar eyou reading?

  2. Sounds blissful, good mix of productivity and relaxing.

  3. A perfect day in every way. Am looking forward to seeing the purple-y sparkly thang.



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