Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Recent bargains.

TAGS: conscience, desire


Becky said...

OMG I love a good bargain. Clearance and I heart each other. I'd even consider marrying it if I wasn't already married.

Cosmetics/polish/etc is one of the few things that the beauty of it outweighs the "is this a good deal" thought.. because, hello, I deserve to look lovely.

Amelia said...

Love Becky's comment...I feel I deserve to look lovely too. Time for some nail polish!

Emma J said...


But at my back I always hear a voice that sounds very much like your very smart guy's radical reverend.

Of course he's right.

Of course the murmury purple voice of desire is also right.

( . . . and I just bought a beautiful Dutch bike - 10% off this week - I keep thinking I ought to feel guilty at spending that much money and then I go for a bike ride and find myself laughing out loud!)

DiaNe said...

I like the format of these posts. It's like each page is a glimpse into what your thought processes would look life if your brain had colored pencils.


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