Sunday, January 10, 2010


A few posts ago, I said that my favorite concerts of 2009 were
  • Regina Spektor
  • The Pretenders
  • Benny Green (jazz)
but how did I forget my road trip to Vegas with singing son, his wife, his friend, and this guy:

It was sublime. Even in Vegas.

TAGS: of a lifetime


Renaissance Girl said...

Oh, THAT guy. Geez.

L'homme pressé said...

That was the best concert of my life so far. And the company was wonderful. Do you remember sitting on the floor of the Hard Rock casino reading books? Everybody was there to gamble and party while we were sitting in the hall reading. That's kinda funny to me.

CPS said...

Jealous. I've been listening to Astral Weeks live at Hollywood Bowl a ton lately.

Lesley said...

That song is SO amazing! Makes me cry every time.

DiaNe said...

Yay Regina!!!

gilian said...

This may become my theme song.


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