Thursday, January 07, 2010

Check, check, check. And check.

I have written and posted a syllabus that I believe is a model of the genre.

I have put together the week-by-week schedule that, at this juncture, appears to be an impeccable and thoroughly detailed guide to exactly what we'll be doing in the course, moment by moment. It's like, if Lewis and Clark had a map, but the map was so detailed that it had each shrubbery, pebble, rivulet, and bottle cap (they had those back then, right?) on it, so they could not possibly lose their way. Ergo, therefore, and hence (also the name of my legal representatives), my students will never miss an assignment, a discussion post, a reading, nor will they ever fail to understand the gist of the course. At least, that's how it looks to me right now. In this very swinging moment.

I have developed learning modules, which will contain objectives and writing assignments, readings, links to discussions. (The "will contain" there indicates "work yet to be done," of course.)

I have about 65% or maybe 70% done of the presentation I'll be doing tomorrow at 10:10 a.m. on screencasts (with my colleague Jen C.). For me, 65-70% is like being finished. (Jen C., if you're reading this: kidding! it's all ready! no worries!)

So, I just have to find a few more readings, revise the writing assignments, write the objectives for the modules, create the discussion links. Piece of cake. Piece of crumb cake.

In other news, newly returned son last night came home late and pretty much stayed up all night (albeit noiselessly). I got up at 5 a.m. to take him to the airport, but I couldn't go to sleep till almost 1 because . . . he wasn't home yet. See, this is the problem with being the mom. No matter how much you know that it's not your responsibility to be awake when the kids roll home, sometimes your body will not synch up with that bit of logic. Thus, ergo & hence, I am exhausted. Let's call it a preview for a little featurette we'll call "Spring Semester: Return of the Unsleeping."

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  1. Wahoo for you in this swinging moment! Your students will all achieve brilliance at last!Also, we have the same legal counsel!

    I understand now why you like zombie movies. :)

  2. 1. I had a teacher at your school who was afraid to show his syllabus to me after he found out I knew you. Your syllabi(?) are legendary.
    2. Speaking of fear, I'm getting the anxiety already after reading this post, because as a student, I've finally figured out that even really good, no, really great, even the best teachers will still get some of the lazy or unproductive or non-brilliant students. AND THERE IS NOTHING THE AMAZING PROFESSOR CAN DO TO GET THEM OFF THEIR BUTTS TO SUCCEED. I know you don't believe it, but there truly are some of those kids out there...sorry.



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