Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A few rights you may not know you have.

Guaranteed by the (or "a") Constitution (TM) (of some kind):

1. The right to eat nachos
2. The right to cheat on the New York Times crossword puzzle by looking up clues on the internet, if it is too hard, or if you start to feel a little urgent about it
3. The right to shop online
4. The right to enjoy terrible music that you loved when you heard it on the radio during that one period of your life
5. The right to live within seven minutes of three different Targets
6. The right to buy cookies at ten p.m. at night because there is a dearth of cookies in your house
7. The right to read a novel with your dog
8. The right to procrastinate
9. The right to skip the boring parts of anything you are reading
10. The right to bake an aspirational cake on the weekend for the historian's birthday (this might be a right limited to me, but who's to say? This IS America).

TAGS: Constitutional, rights, implied, America, we the people


  1. I take advantage of all of these rights, but #6 for me is the Right to invoke my pregnancy as a reason to make my husband go out and buy me cookies, ice cream, cap'n crunch, etc. at 10 p.m. I also feel that my right to live by many Targets has been hampered. But I guess I do live in Canada now, so I can't really expect all of my rights to be in tact.

  2. I was always embarrassed about #4. But, now I know I shouldn't be.

  3. I'm particularly pleased to hear that the right to shop online and procrastinate are enshrined constitutionally. They are two of my favourite rights and I find they are especially delightful when exercised together. And now off to ebay....

  4. I'm happy to know about #4--now I can admit my love for Air Supply.

  5. Thanks for this list. I have to go cheat on a crossword puzzle now.



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