Tuesday, June 09, 2009


When I got on the train this afternoon and opened my novel, I took this epigraph as a sign that it would be a very good one:
"Deep inside the town there open up, so to speak, double streets, doppelganger streets, mendacious and delusive streets."
(epigraph originally from Bruno Schulz, The Cinnamon Shops and Other Stories; the novel I am now reading is The City and The City, China Mieville)
And so far, 42 pages in, my guess is a good one. This guy, China Mieville, is a real thing, the people. He is awesome. (Check out this video from Amazon)

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  1. Both this and Elegant Hedgehog look so good - I've put them on hold to read in July. Which leaves the question - Will the 242 others read the 45 copies promptly enough? or Won't I crumble and end of buying both?



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