Monday, June 29, 2009

Time and tidying wait for no man.

I apologize right now for that horrible horrible pun.

BUT the tidying at my house, it is actually sort of tidal, as in, a force of nature that waits for no &c. &c. The time arrived for the great sorting, the separating of the sheep from the goats in my wardrobe (moving on, shortly, to the kitchen and its various implements and gadgetry and, let's face it, some veritable uncleanliness). I am now the Messiah of my own slovenliness and I'ma save it, or myself, or the someone or something in need of redemption here. You figure it out. I'm busy kicking moneychangers out of my temple.

Here are some things I have learned from wrestling with my own possessions:

1. my poor clothes, they could not breathe in the closet, so crowded they were against one another.
2. too many shoes spoils the broth.
3. I have a lot of yellow shoes. A lot.
4. a mission to find yellow shoes needs several accountability points, as in, did we acquire the yellow shoes? shall we now terminate the mission? or shall we carry on as if finding yellow shoes is a lifetime project?
5. Certain fixations on shiny clothes are hereby ended. ENDED.
6. Except for the couple of sparkly coats I am retaining for my hour of need. Of sparkly coats.
7. If I'm going to have so many things, I have to spend time with them to remind me what they all are and vice versa.
8. There is no good system for organizing all of my tee shirts. Periodically, you just have to take them out and start over.
9. The emotional residue of certain items of clothing does not diminish with time, and I, at my most ruthless, have limited power to deal in any rational way with this fact.
10. The folkloric jacket with embroidery, if it is a light-colored jacket? Always a bad idea for me, no matter how empirically lovely the article or how cute the model in the catalog looked whilst wearing it with skinny jeans.

Still, I filled two large garbage bags with ruthlessly culled clothing and have cast them to outer darkness, aka the garage, where they await the next charity that calls me up asking for my donation. Someone is going to look awesome in certain shiny articles of clothing, as well as certain folkloric jackets. Awesome, and righteous.


  1. Yea, verily, sista. You are awesome, and I bet your place will look even more megarighteous.

  2. I'm gearing up for my own attack.


  3. What? WHAT? I rely on your sparkle-ly-ness. Please do not change that. I'm begging you.

  4. cleaning out the closet is a great feeling!! don't ya love doing it??

  5. All I can see is all the clothes I never should have owned.
    I feel bad about missing your blog and felt terribly guilty, with you in mind, for not blogging. Now, I've blogged but not sorted through the vastness of the clothes. You set the bar high, Miss Hightouch.



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