Monday, June 08, 2009

Miscellaneous good things.

1. Friends who will counsel with you about technology (thanks Clint, Eric, and David!).
2. Losing track of time whilst making a project.
3. Receiving not one but two beautiful publications in the mail today:

4. A cool-ish, rainy-ish June so far.
5. Hearing from my folks that, up in Island Park, there was snow yesterday. Yes, snow.
6. Sorting out a new technical challenge in Final Cut Express.
7. Dinner with children on Sunday.
8. A delightful solitary Monday.
9. The library. What a brilliant concept.

New video!

Revision from lisab on Vimeo.


Dr. Write said...

Hey, I got a Ninth Letter too. Have not yet read it.
Excellent video, btw. No revision needed.

ABick said...

i like it. :D love B!

sports said...


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Amelia said...

Ha ha! Directory of sports, the sport of dog spotting? sport of editing!

theorris said...

Glad to be of service.

I like the new video. Great stuff.

gilian said...

Love the videos and the creator of the videos. Love the dog.


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