Friday, June 26, 2009


What is the optimal blogging frequency? Last year I blogged almost every day, with the exception of when we were in Dublin, when I made a decision not to make the trip be about blogging, which I do not regret one bit. (Instead, I took a million pictures . . . but that's another obsession to discuss upon another occasion.)

This year I have not forced myself to invent a post if one did not occur, and also, and frankly, I think the idea of having some extended experiences without feeling the need to comment on them every minute is probably good. Good for me, anyway. Because I don't spend enough time in front of a computer.

However, some weird blogging accounting compels me to offer you a report:

What I did while I was not blogging.

1. Went to lunch with my mom and dad, in honor of Father's Day and also their general delightfulness.
2. Bought three more colors of a certain lightweight cotton jersey cardigan that was marked way down, because I loved the first one I bought so very very much. Bringing the total of lightweight cotton jersey cardigans to 4. Because I love them so very very much.
3. Watched The Closer. Watched Saving Grace. Watched Knocked Up for the nth time (verdict: still very funny).
4. Took some footage for a new little film project.
5. Hung out with my grandson, including bringing him to my house for dinner and watching Monsters Inc. with him and putting him to bed and waking up in the morning and getting him breakfast and watching Toy Story and building towers with blocks and so forth.
6. Obtained my new laptop from my place of employment, a super-charged MacBook Pro. Which is everything it should be and more.
7. Went swimming with two grandsons up at Snowbird.
8. Helped grandson navigate the vagaries of a little summertime project we call the ice cream cone.
9. Read several novels, including the lately-neglected annual summer project of re-reading Harriet the Spy.
10. Read a new cookbook. Purchased copy of said cookbook for my very own.
11. Contemplated the desirability of everyday cake. (verdict: highly desirable.)
12. Went to see romantic comedy with Dr. Write, immediately followed by Summer Hours with the historian. (verdict: romantic comedy rather delightful; Summer Hours, sublime.)
13. Observed that the light this evening, after the storm had mostly passed, was both purple and golden.

Hope your days have been equally productive.


  1. I thought I had a busy day but it didn't compare even a little bit to yours. :-O

    I had about 50 million different time where I agreed with what you said.. movies.. desire of cake.. it's all so perfect.

    Love it!

  2. these sound like lovely days. every day cake is a must, I think.

  3. This is a strong, strong argument for not blogging. I wish I could say that intensely heightened productivity is the reason more my Blogging Lameness, but it is not. I was talking to Middlebrow about how I was feeling a little wistful for the Great Blogging Heydey of 2005 and 2006. Those days seem to be gone.

    I do read everyone else's blogs with the same frequency, however. I guess I'm just becoming more of consumer in life, and less of a producer. Hm.

  4. proposal was so funny!! i was delighted by the surprise of its hilarity! :D
    and i'm happy you had such a lovely time not blogging! :D

  5. I note that hanging out with grandson is not the same as babysitting grandson in much the same way that doting on granddarlings is not the same as spoiling the granddarlings.

  6. Cake: yes.
    Need to see more movies: yes
    Thanks for sharing the proposal with me. :)
    Glad the other movie was sublime. I will look into it.

  7. Hope time with grandson was as fun as it sounded.
    Wish I was there to see movies with you!!



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