Friday, June 05, 2009

Short lists: a short list.

Slightly alarming things that have happened more than once and I am hoping will not become a trend:

1. Missing my stop on the train because I am reading.

Thing I do that might be a little weird, but I'm probably going to keep doing it anyway:

1. Skulk around my own house, faking like I'm not at home, when someone's at the door and I don't feel like answering it.

Possibly not the best right-before-bedtime reading material:

1. Dark brooding crime fiction set in European countries near the Arctic circle. (But I'm probably going to keep reading it anyway.)

Things which, under some circumstances, might be delightful, but which, under these particular circumstances, in fact make me a little bitter:

1. Receiving my complimentary copy of a book of poems--the one that won the contest that I also entered but did not win.

1 comment:

  1. Justifiably bitter. Ignorant (or insensitive, mean-spirited, or doltish) sender of complimentary copy.



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