Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Out the window of the Hilton.

Dr. Write and I made it to the big city. We ate amazing food at the Union Square Cafe, and now? Now we are exhausted, so we are watching Sex and the City, in a stupor.


  1. This looks strikingly similar to the image I took. I might have stayed on the same floor!

  2. My one trip to New York City. As nanny to my daughter's five-week-old twins. Marriage of brother in law (a NYC lawyer, Trebeca loft and all) marrying a near-the-end-of-her-career model. I shared nanny status at the wedding with Kathy Ireland's nanny. Harry Connick Jr. was there (did you know his wife is former, Victoria's Secret model). At the wedding I met a lawyer (best friend of the groom, remember he's brother of the son-in-law) who works in my office in Seattle. Never met him before. We figure the wedding cost $250,000. And you thought you had a trip to New York City . . . .

    By the way, I learned on that trip that two babies cannot be held on the same row in an airplane. Did you know that there is only one extra mask. We had to stand and beg for someone to change seats so nursing mother could be near to second twin baby. What a redeye!!!

  3. oh please tell me how wonderful NYC treated you! I want to hear it all.



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