Monday, January 21, 2008

Holiday roundup.

Today I:

1. got up and ate raisin bran.
2. answered a few student e-mails.
3. improved the design of a week-to-work schedule for one of my online courses, although I'm pretty sure the design isn't actually improved, and there will still be confusion. Time for a sabbatical.
4. went to see a movie with College Daughter (Mad Money, which was what it was, and nothing more, which was just fine with me--it had to be seen for various reasons, including Diane K., who needs someone to write her a better movie, already!).
5. came home and ate leftover soup for lunch.
6. took a very small nap.
7. started a novel, Wash This Blood Clean From My Hands, a French thriller (in translation) by Fred Vargas, a woman, and it's good, as well as one of a series, all good news.
8. read the novel obsessively.
9. made and ate a modest supper.
10. went to a jazz concert, which had some high points and less than high points.
11. came home and ate a cupcake, which was what it was, which was delicious, which was just fine with me--it had to be eaten for various reasons, including the fact that every day goes better with cake.
12. made a handout explaining how to create an e-portfolio for one of my classes.
13. posted this blog post.

I didn't: clean up one damn thing in my house. Write a new poem. Watch tv. Take down my Christmas tree. But it was a pretty good day, all the same.

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  1. I like your theory on life: It is what it is. People need to adopt this theory...much less unneeded stress.



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