Thursday, January 10, 2008

Getting through the days after.

1. Drank a whole pot of tea with milk and one cube of demerara sugar per cup.
2. While working, listened to a lot of music I've recently acquired or downloaded--Mavis Staples, Martha Wainwright, Colleen (Les Ondes Silencieuses), Mike Wexler, Rufus Wainwright, DJ Rekha, Cat Power (her Covers recording).
3. Answered a kajillion student e-mails about trying to add my classes.
4. Reordered the discussion topics on my online course.
5. Wore new earrings.
6. Tried to stay warm.
7. Laundered while working.
8. Finished giving late grades (no more nagging e-mails from the e-Registrar Overlord of Failure to Give Grades).
9. Oatmeal with raisins for breakfast.
10. Tried not to brood, which is challenging, as I am a world-class brooder.
11. Rejoiced over the fact that my nervous stomach pains are abating.
12. Missed Betty's huffing and sweet dog smell.
13. Looked at the pictures from yesterday several times. A lot of times.


  1. The happy pictures made me less sad about Betty. I hope today is less horrible than yesterday and that the stomach is entirely unwound by tonight.

    What is this "demerara sugar"? I read about it yesterday in the Salt book but I still don't know.

  2. oh the departure! it's a hard day, hard from the other side too.

  3. What a long, emotionally draining week. You've been all over my thoughts.



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