Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bonne anniversaire to the historian.

Here are ten of my many birthday wishes to the historian:

1. that the most progressive possible Democrat wins the nomination, and then the White House.
2. that someone in his life gets it together to create a calmer, gentler, less chaotic household.
3. that he gets plenty of nice days to take a bike ride. Soon.
4. that when we show up to eat out, the restaurant has excellent, innovative vegetarian options.
5. that the grandkids give him doughnuts for a birthday present.*
6. that the good health he deserves for living so well and so mindfully be his in full measure.
7. that we have many gatherings with the whole family this year at our house.
8. that his clothing be sweatshop-free.
9. that he will take the opportunity to turn up the volume when he plays jazz on the stereo.
10. that bluebirds sing when he walks by, flowers nod at his passing, and fish leap from the river, because he is so swell.

Happy birthday!

*Mission accomplished--the grandsons chose a box of doughnuts to give to their Papa.


  1. Tell the historian happy birthday from Middlebrow and Dr. Write.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday John!
    We miss you!
    And are very glad you got some donuts... here are some virtual donuts from Scotland!
    O O O O O O O O O O O O

  3. Yes! Happy Birthday. And I agree about all the wishes, especially the most progressive democrat. Where is that person? Where I ask?
    But I also hope for those balmy days just perfect for outdoor activity.

  4. he is swell. happy birthday to the historian.

  5. Online blog b-day wishes--I like that esp given these particular wishes. I'm late but happy birthday!



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