Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What urban center has more shopping centers per capita than any other in the U.S.?

Findings from my ongoing style research project:

1. If you want a ball gown, you should go to Elizabeth Anthony-Esther Wolf, a store in the above-mentioned urban area. No one else will have the gown you choose (i.e., you will not "meet yourself coming and going"); as "one sales associate said, 'with gowns of this calibre, we only carry one.'"
2. You might need such a ball gown for the "Margaritas for the Cure" breakfast. (are you paying attention? Margaritas--for breakfast! wearing a ball gown!)
3. In this town you might meet women wearing "matchy-matchy" clothes, men wearing head-to-toe Escada, men with hairspray, and squared-off fingernail manicures.

Also, this town apparently has a lot--a lot!--of disposable income. Also, this town features four Neiman Marcuses.

Okay, it's Dallas-Ft. Worth. Never say I don't give you useful information in this blog.

In other style news, running son donned his merit badge sash to receive his Eagle Scout award this past Sunday. Here he is with his dad and brother (singing son), both Eagle Scouts themselves:

And with his grandfather, my dad, who had the Eagle Scout award of the longest duration in the room that night:

And with me, his mom (not an Eagle Scout):


  1. Is RS sportin' a 'tache there? Surely not my little brother!!!

  2. yay for RS!!! haha. it was a bickmore extravaganza that night!!! all sorts of family was there!!! INSANITY!!! but finally the crazy scout stuff is done!



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