Thursday, March 29, 2007

Totally blowing my mind.


1. Good job, Self, on finishing the last of the preliminary portfolios.
2. Double good job on finishing student conferences.
3. It's National Poetry Month starting Sunday! Better get out the party hats. Also the confetti and banners. For people who aren't joiners, here's Charles Bernstein on a proposed "International Anti-Poetry Month." I'm sending a new version of my ms out, what I'm calling the "rage remix." Wish me luck.
4. Only four more weeks of class. Four! 4!
5. I have sooooooo much more work to do in those four weeks it is totally blowing my mind.
6. Scrubs is funny. Funnier when watching a pile of episodes on DVR with running son (the viewing time is so compressed you can basically watch 3 episodes in just over the time it takes you to watch 2). (<- that was efficiency advice, by the way--yet another bonus of reading this full-service blog) 7. It's a lot more fun to "warm up" for summer by doing a little summer stuff now than it is to finish my work. 8. For people who may have laughed at my previous post, but in private and not in the comments section where I could enjoy it, maybe this is the kind of thing you prefer. (thanks to Jennifer T., and before her, to Natasha)


  1. Ah Scrubs in less time is the key to a good summer. You've started off with a skip and a beat. Nicely done.



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