Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Making movies.

Running son has to meet an end-of-the-quarter deadline in his film-making class, which means that he has to shoot some rough footage to get "points" by Friday. This afternoon, after track, therefore, the cast and crew of Cupcake Chaos (working title) gathered at my house prior to the shoot.

[Overheard] Running son, to friend: Can you act and drive at the same time?

Script excerpt [montage]:

Alex rings Jayde's doorbell. Jayde comes out looking extra happy, but then Alex starts throwing cookies at him. Next you see Jayde writing "you suck" on Alex's car with a stick of deodorant. You see Jayde at lunch pointing at nothing so Alex will turn his head and then he snot rockets in Alex's Tampico. Alex turns around and Jayde shrugs his shoulders and Alex drinks his Tampico and Jayde starts laughing, so Alex gives him a mean look, drinks some more of his drink and spits it at Jayde's face. Jayde then drinks some of his drink and tries to spit it at Alex's face but misses and hits some random kid. We are at an assembly and Jayde stands up when it is over and he gets pantsed by Alex. Alex runs off really fast.

Add a Pearl Jam cover of, oh, I don't know, "Relax!" and I am so there.

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