Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I can't help it.

I'm listening to iTunes on shuffle, on headphones, while I work, a source of endless amusement to my children, I'm not sure why. Isn't it okay to create a sonic environment? With headphones? Well, isn't it? Just because my headphones make me look like an airline pilot.

Anyway, I'm enjoying the mix--a pleasure I used to avail myself of all the time when I was younger. I liked the surprises in it--hearing Miles Davis next to The Legendary Pink Dots next to Beck next to Suzanne Vega. To name a few.

However, just a moment ago, "Clocks" came on, and I find myself not being able to resist the piano part of that song. I know how lame it is now, apparently, to like Coldplay even a little. But I can't help it. I like that piano part. I like it a lot.

Also, I like Drew Barrymore. I like movie stars. I like bright colors and shiny, sparkly things. I like potato chips and Billy Collins. I like Harry Potter. I like Julia Roberts movies and I like Terms of Endearment, especially because it makes me cry until I feel sick. I liked Titanic. Did I mention I like movie stars? Also I like romantic comedies, almost no matter how lame they are. I like to personalize the basketball players on the Utah Jazz. I can't help it.


  1. Aaaah, the headphones explain why no one answered when I called earlier... I knew someone was there!

  2. An addiction to iTunes, while commendable, is certainly not one movie per day. I remember reading somewhere that was the focus of spring break.

    Here I am waiting patiently every day for a movie post...

  3. I also like sparkly things, and movie stars and romantic comedies. Sorry I can't give Titanic or Julia two thumbs up.
    But I also like iTunes and American Idol and potato chips and corn chips and margaritas, pre-mixed from a bottle. Especially on spring break in the sun. I also love Will Ferrel and March Madness. Hooray March Madness!

  4. The potato chips did it. Now I know why we're friends.

  5. What's an iTune?

    And this Harry Potter of whom you speak?

  6. I love your ramdomosity. It's a word.

    I love billy collins, too. He is so refreshing. He tells it like it is and makes us wonder why we didn't realize the truths he brings to the forefront.

    I'm glad that we all can find things we love.



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