Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday morning: spring break accomplishments so far.

1. splendid revision of poem for writing group
2. handled transition to daylight savings time with no errors
3. cooked meals and snacks for at-home offspring
4. read most of NYTimes Sunday paper
5. shopped with college daughter
6. Saturday lunch with running son and college daughter
7. spectated at two church basketball games (running son playing some of his best basketball ever--stats galore!)
8. took a Sunday morning post-newspaper nap
9. fun dinner with English dept. colleagues
10. took, edited, tagged, and uploaded some nice pics
11. watched several episodes of Scrubs with rs and cd
12. viewed two wonderful new movies with the historian (Zodiac and The Lives of Others)
13. viewed half of Mean Girls with college daughter

Other notes: after years of having evinced the claim that, at any given moment, after having not played soccer for years, he could place-kick a 50-yard field goal (that's an American football field goal), yesterday, singing son was put to the test by his siblings. "It's happening today," announced running son, as he rummaged for cleats and a football. The result: singing son successfully kicked a 40-yard field goal. I was not there to witness it personally, but it's on tape, and most of the siblings were present and can attest. After everyone left except running son and singing son, running son kicked a 45-yard field goal. File this under "athletic feats and boasts." Also "family lore."


  1. Oh how I wish I had been there to see the glorious kick!!

  2. wow. We cousins all gave Isaaac a hard time (to put it kindly) about his desired feat and He got close! Shame on us for doubting.



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