Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring break is over.

[Headphones: "Obviously 5 Believers," Bob Dylan]

Back at work, although the transition doesn't feel quite so abrupt--as is my habit if God is good and there are no meetings, I'm working at home today. I have a few threads to respond to in my online classes, a presentation to make and a couple of things to post, but in general, I'm feeling cheerful because I worked over the break, and that's paying off. It's still warm (forecast: snow and rain on Wednesday), so we're all telling ourselves it's spring, even though we've probably got a big chunk of wintry weather to get through. I just hope the cherries in the back haven't budded so we get frozen out of fruit this July.

[Headphones: "A fuego lento," Rosana]

For anyone who's interested, this is the complete list of movies for the break, counting the weekend before:

"The Lives of Others"
"Charlotte's Web"
"Bridge to Terabithia"
"Breach" (second viewing for me)
"The Aura"
"Starter for 10"

Anyone who's interested in the state of the moratorium, there have been lapses. A few lapses. There was a fair amount of shopping during the break, though I had the assistance of college daughter and my college niece. As of today, though, we're back on track.

[Headphones: "Mars Loves Venus," Brunettes]

And by "we," I mean, I suppose, "me." "I," if you're a grammar nazi.

[Headphones: "Magnet," Yo La Tengo]


  1. it is true. "we" are back on track...sorry to put a lapse in your resolution.... :D
    oh yeah, boo for school

  2. I didn't buy anything over spring break, unless you count the almond butter that was confiscated from my bag at the Phoenix airport. As in "that's not going with you." As in, "Everybody down on the floor, I'm going to hijack this plane with 8 ounces of almond butter."
    I'm sad about it though. We need a Trader Joe's. Desperately.

  3. Ha. Just come this side of the ocean and your moratorium wont' suffer any more relapses once you start converting prices into dollars.

    But that moratorium on books...I can't support THAT!

  4. I'm interested in what you thought about Bridge to Terabithia--if it's an amazing flick I might return to the book in my ch lit class this fall. I also saw Breach over the break (AT THE THEATRE!). Great film I thought--a lot of intensity with nary a shot fired (shot fired at someone that is) nor a car chase.



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