Sunday, January 31, 2016


Friday night, we both came home from what had felt like a long week. We took at look at the movies:

Me: Ugh. Freaking Sundance.

So we decided we would go get Indian food and come back home to watch something great on Netflix.

At 8 p.m. I found myself in my chair, with my laptop open on my lap, having fallen asleep for a half hour or so. Sitting there. With my laptop open.

Saturday, I got up dang early because of the freaking assessment (previously thoroughly sworn at). I baked a butterkuchen. I brought sundry snacks and accoutrements. I drove on snowy roads to work. On a Saturday! We normed our sample portfolios. We read. We discussed. I ran out in the middle to pick up our Vietnamese food order. My credit card was declined...

Credit Card Security Department Guy: Yeah, that looked suspicious to us.

Me: (what the!?!?!? WHY?!?!?!)

Credit Card Security Department Guy: Very sorry for the inconvenience.

Me: Oh, not a problem. (JEEEEEEEEZ.)

...and then it was accepted, so I drove back on snowy roads to bring the Vietnamese food in to the hungry assessors.

Colleague: What are you going to see tonight?

Me: The Revenant.

...then movie talk ensued. Then we finished the assessment. At 3 p.m., I carted my assessment kit (not a real thing) out to my car and drove home.

Me: I really want to see The Revenant. 

The Historian: (waits for it:)

Me: ...but maybe not tonight.

So we went and had Mexican food at our favorite strip mall Mexican restaurant (Las Cazuelas! It is so choice!). And came home and hopped between two comedies on basic cable. And went to bed.

Today, I slept until I woke up. By slept until I woke up, I basically mean 'till eight.' I made oatmeal and read the entire New York Times. There was more snow on the ground. It's been a mostly quiet weekend, and that, apparently, is what I needed.

I find this, to be absolutely frank, more than a little alarming.

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  1. Here's to more quiet weekends for the both of you.



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