Friday, January 08, 2016


Today, I shared my hand made artisanal house made baked from scratch pop tarts with many people, including my son who finally had enough room in his belly (everyone is taking him out to eat and he is perpetually stuffed) to eat one, and then another, and then another. His friends also ate them. And my friends ate them. Verdict: they are awesome.

Today, I picked up my new Kitchen Aid mixer from Target. I have hungered for one of these for years, but I was too busy buying sweaters at the J. Crew sale to (a) stop buying GD sweaters, (b) save the money thereby saved by not buying sweaters, and (c) buy a GD Kitchen Aid mixer, already!
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Not that I've stopped buying sweaters. I will probably never stop buying sweaters.

Today, I saw this.

Today, I heard this, because my son was humming it, and then I was humming it. We were humming it because it is beautiful and haunting.

Today, I heard from a local bookstore that they'll stock my book, and I might get to do a reading there, and I heard from the photographer who shot the picture on my book's cover, which means I can send him a copy.

Today, we saw this, and it was sumptuous and beautiful and moving.

Today, I furthered the plans for this poet to visit my college, which is so freaking exciting, because it's the first reading in our new reading series! (!!!)

Today, I rediscovered a beautiful blue scarf in my scarf box, and wore it. I ate a delicious enchilada, and met with my colleagues, and considered the snow. I talked with my son and his friends, and walked with the historian and Bruiser under a midnight blue sky strewn with clouds. It was, it must be said, a lovely day.

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  1. Humming with your son and a rediscovered blue scarf and a cute new long-yearned-for mixer---and you looking, as always, so beautiful.



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