Saturday, December 19, 2015

The event.

Yesterday was a big day. A glorious day, a momentous day, an emotional day. A beautiful day. And today, like the days after big, glorious, momentous, beautiful days should be, was a quiet day. We talked about everything--how wonderful it was that Abbey loved it, every part of it. How beautiful everything and everyone was. How splendid it felt to have so many people who love Abbey there. How much fun it was to dance together.

I have a picture of my mother helping me on my wedding day,
just like this.

So many great moments: helping Abbey get dressed. Watching the flower girl (Gwen) and the ring bearer (Van) do their excellent work. Listening to Abbey and Michael exchange vows. Listening to the music by Isaac and Rob. Having the pleasure of getting to know the groom's family a little bit better. Watching my kids all come together for their sister. Sophia's toast. And everyone, everyone dancing.

ring bearer, bride, flower girl
the happy couple.

these are my children. they are the BEST.
Isaac and Rob did the beautiful music.
A big family--not even all of us--from the bride's side.

Lesley took this fantastic dancing selfie!

Cousin of the bride Diane took this fantastic dancing action shot!

end of the night. party's over. lights in the trees, banks of snow.

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  1. Happy, beautiful wedding. A winter wedding. How glorious!

  2. Gorgeous! All of it! All of you! The pic with the kids kills me. So cute!!
    Happy Happy to you all!



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