Tuesday, December 29, 2015

in the meanwhile:

I'm writing my list of films, along with trenchant, witty, and highly useful commentary. It's not ready yet. Maybe tomorrow.

However, I have, since my last post, done the following:

1. had breakfast with a bunch of grandsons and their parents at the historian's daughter's house
2. had linguine and sauce with a bunch of grandchildren and their parents at my house
3. drew with Will and Van
4. painted with Gwen
5. built block houses with all and sundry
6. watched a Jazz game
7. had a wretched finger cut on my mandoline, which is healing but damn, annoying!
8. had pizza at my daughter's house
9. had some poems featured here

and so forth--your general holiday post-Christmas flurry of visiting and delight and exhaustion.

Making new year's plans. Making resolutions. Hoping for Mexican food and a chance to take a look at my manuscript before sending it off to several places before midnight on 12/31. And another movie.

Stay tuned for the movie roundup!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like good times, except, of course, for the wretched cut. Looking forward to the movie roundup. And perhaps a get-together before I head back to work on Tuesday?



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