Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Done and done. And not quite done, actually.

M A N !!! has this semester been a whirl. I know, I know, all semesters are a whirl, but some are whirlier than others.

(p.s. did you know that autocorrect does not believe that 'whirlier' is a word? but 'whirler' is? well, aren't you fancy, autocorrect, with your auto-correcting ways. I'll show YOU a whirler, that's what.)

Anyway. Today at my work, at noon, I gave a little talk and it went well, I thought. And then we bound a dozen of those handmade books I can't stop talking about

w  a  i  t      I'll show you:

and then I came home and made brussels sprouts and purple potatoes hash, which is weird sounding but tasted super good, and THEN I consulted with one two three students and was stood up by a fourth and fifth W O E.

I would thrill you with the story of my daredeviltry in preparing the talk, but basically it involved not enough sleep for the second night in a row, plus additional risky decision making including last minute slides. BUT. The point is? I am now officially delirious, and I have this announcement to make:


And yet.

And yet?  I have, over the past three days, assembled a twelve-item list--that I am not sure is actually complete--of the things I still need to do before the end of the semester, and this list does not include the word 'grading.'

So, you know. Finished and yet not finished. Which is basically the semester and, as it turns out, life. Until, you know, you're dead. And I'm not dead yet. Ergo: twelve item list.

But now I really, really, really am going to bed,  THE END.

(sorry for all the shouting.)

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