Monday, March 03, 2014

Well well well.

I have accomplished the following recently:

1. achieved the insight that, if I'm behind, I feel I don't have time to write--or that taking time to write might put me further behind, so, you know. Hence, no writing.
2. what the hell.

That said,

3. I arrived home from Seattle,
4. did the laundry,
5. cooked a dinner last night,
6. enthused/ranted about the Oscar on various social media, and to Bruiser and the historian,
7. made pancakes for myself,
8. made approximately 4% progress on my To Do list,
9. ate lunch with my daughter and granddaughter,
10. came home and made 4% more progress (total, if you're keeping track: 8% progress),
11. was the guest speaker in the class of a friend,
12. came home and ordered a vegetable pizza like a boss,
13. and so forth.

Upshot: still behind, but writing a list-y blog post.

One of the things on my list was to

14. organize all AWP notes, which
15. I have not yet done.

I do, however, have all my AWP swag

16. organized in a single bag.
17. the AWP tote bag. So, you know.
18. what the hell.

That said, I did

19. make a new header and background for my blog, and
20. write/"write" a blog post. So, you know.

That is twenty things I have accomplished, the people. I don't know what you're complaining about.

Bonus accomplishments:

21. clean sheets,
22. have listened to new Beck album (verdict: gorgeous)
23. have chatted with son in China and
24. both other sons via text. AND
25. I have a more than vague idea of what I will do in class, and
26. most importantly, I have a plan to accomplish all the other stuff I need to get done. So, you know.

A plan is literally the best.


  1. Well played, Lisa B. AND the header is beyond gorgeous.

  2. What the hell! I love it. And the header. Welcome back.



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