Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The Megastore recommends just one thing.

1. Buying plane tickets to a foreign land. There is nothing that sends the blood rushing to your head--like maybe you're about to have a stroke--like buying tickets to a foreign land. To wit:

  • They speak a foreign language there. 
On the other hand,
  • Your son, who speaks that foreign language, lives there. And will guide you.

  • some of the possible layovers on your possible itineraries are so tight they make you feel super-charged anxiety right now, when the layovers are still only theoretical. 
On the other hand,
  • Some of the possible layovers are so wide that you could practically rent an apartment and live in the city for awhile or a few hours while you wait for your connecting flight. 
On the other other hand,
  • you might find a booking where the layovers are just right, like Baby Bear's chair/porridge/bed.
So go ahead and buy those tickets, even if they
  • make you think about the straitened circumstances in which you might possibly be spending your old age.
Once that's done, and you've cried for a minute and taken the dog for a walk, contemplate the following:

The people, we are going to China, and we couldn't be more thrilled/terrified/freaked out/excited!



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