Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Things I will never: a short and probably intermittent series.

with heels? be serious.
(via La Mimi)
1. Wear overalls as a fashion statement. 

I had a pair of overalls when I was in college. I bought them at Sears, in the men's work clothes section. They were cute. I was cute in them.

Then I had another pair later. They were short overalls that I bought at the Gap. They were cute, and I was, again, cute in them. You'll have to trust me. But it might have been the kind of cute that was right at the verge of its shelf life. Maybe. Even though I don't believe people have shelf lives. Whatever: cute.

But now? I was with my niece in Nordstrom and we stood near a rack where grown women buy their clothes and there were overalls on that rack. And I said, No. And by no, I meant not even.

2. Purchase, order, cook or eat offal.

I came, I saw, I said no freaking way.
There's a whole "tip to tail" movement afoot amongst farm-to-table restaurateurs and food people: if you're going to eat animals, you've got to commit to eating the whole animal. I concede to this point. The notion of all that this implies sends me fleeing in the other direction, however. I saw "Today's Offal" on the menu at an otherwise lovely restaurant in Boston. I saw it, and considered it and said No. And by no, I meant HELL no.

NEVER. (via The Big Bake Theory)
3. Grate beets into baked goods.

The people, why? Why? when there is perfectly good organic, vegan sugar right there?


  1. I support all of these decisions whole-heartedly.

  2. I promise never to eat offal and beet cupcakes. While wearing lady overalls.

  3. Pretty sure (sadly) about the overalls (another youthful joy that has passed? sigh.) But no doubt, totally with you on the offal and beets. For certain.



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