Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Let's play a short round of "should" and "am."

I should be grading.

This is perhaps the existential fact of my existence. 
There is no time at which 
I should not be grading.  
If I am sleeping, it's possible 
that I should be grading. 
Eating dinner, taking a shower, reading a book: 
should be grading, 
and why am I not?

I am, instead, blogging. And contemplating 
why my hand hurts a little bit. 
Thinking about cleaning the screen 
of my phone. Possible shopping online. 
Considering what I might make for dinner, 
and whether tonight will be the night 
that I do a little cleaning  and straightening
before I collapse like a heap of sad, 
devoid-of-willpower sack of laundry onto the bed, 
where I will watch more episodes of Veronica Mars. 
Also, come to think of it, 
thinking about Veronica Mars.

I should also take a brisk walk around the campus.

I have a full slate of appointments with students in the Learning Commons-stroke-Dungeon, which has suddenly become porous with last minute cancellations. I have, as it turns out, forty unscheduled minutes to take this brisk walk (once I have finished blogging).

I am, instead, blogging. And thinking about where I will stash 
my techno-stuff, and about whether, maybe, I should be grading?
Also, how does eating the orange I have in my bag
fit into this plan of walking?

But how can I even think about walking when I should be grading?


  1. Go on a walk. The papers will still be waiting for you. SADLY.

  2. Ann speaks the truth, HT. I thought about grading whilst making homemade jam today. The jam was good and the grading is still there. *sigh*



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