Sunday, January 05, 2014

this & that.

I think I would like seeing this.

Someone should figure out how to make all of these clothes for me, stat.

I have reached the point in this particular cold where I would rather blow my nose than take this or this anymore.

This guy will be back from Mumbai in January (for two months)--can't wait to see him!

Sure, I'll be watching this, but with a jaundiced eye.

On the other hand, we'll be watching this (streaming) and DVRing this (so we can binge-watch later).

Hoping to visit the modern-day version of this town over spring break.

When we visit Chengdu this spring, I hope I get to see this.

Having an after school snack with this guy on Monday, and sneaking kisses from this tiny girl.

I'll be sorry to see these two go home tomorrow afternoon.

Loved watching this again with my son and his friend.

I hope I hope I hope that these people will be in Utah this summer.

Looking forward to being well again, so I can finally see this (after reading this and this and this).

This is compulsively readable!

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  1. Delightful. I felt like I was doing a word search again!



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