Monday, January 20, 2014

Productivity Report.

--because every so often, we all need one.

Right now, I am eating several Christmas cookies, some of the last of the very last. They are still good. A picture, you say? Sure: 

But eating cookies is not all I have done today, not by a long shot. I have also eaten oatmeal, and an apple.

I am also charging and updating my iPod. And I am doing curriculum work which, if you want to know, is tedious. Also, in a momentous and decisive moment, I threw away some candy.

Also, I saw 47 Ronin, which was every bit as much of a mess as it possibly looked like it might be from the trailers, which trailers made me say  I am seeing that movie. And today I did, with my aunt Sally, and we had a good time, and popcorn. Very satisfying. Checked it off my list.

Also, I did laundry and hung up my clothes and washed the sheets. And graded a discussion, and did half of the Sunday crossword puzzle and took a minor nap. And made dinner. And then did some more curriculum work.

Does this sound desultory? Does it sound mundane? Did you perhaps do something better and more worthy, such as see films at Sundance or take a hike or come back from a small and splendid trip? 

My friends, I know that some of you did each of these things, and good for you, truly. I am about to go binge watch from Season 4 of Justified, without irony, because as my friend Pancho once said to me (I paraphrase), "You don't got to explain your viewing decisions to no one." Truer words, Pancho. Truer words.


  1. Desultory is one of my favorite words. And no one knows how to use it as skillfully as you do. Carry on, HTMS.

  2. Oh the Monday that acts like a Sunday. That is the good Monday.

  3. I want one of those cookies. Bad.



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