Friday, January 31, 2014

Style notes at the end of January.

1. first of all,


2. navy blue nail polish

3. By all means, if a blue sweater arrives in the mail in the afternoon, put it on directly. You will be all the cozier.

4.  All the colors of blue look good worn together, in my opinion.

5. And now it is clear: this is the reason you bought navy blue suede driving moccasins when they were on sale at Target, even though you didn't technically need navy blue suede driving moccasins.

6. little silver earrings.

7. (curly hair is either a trial or total liberation, but sometimes you might want to put it up into a ponytail when it's damp, just to remind it who is boss.)

8. turquoise parachute-silk scarf (in case you need to jump out of a plane on a moment's notice).

9. your gray coat, because sometimes, gray is a species of blue.

1 comment:

  1. I love blue in winter. And curly hair. I wish my hair curled itself.



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