Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Megastore recommends: Recovery Edition.

Who likes it when the winter cold comes back a second, and then a third time? I know I do! Well, not really, of course, but I do feel something of an expert on the topic of recovery...or least on the topic of wanting to recover.  If you, like me, want to recover from a winter cold, I recommend the following:

lions sleep, like, 22 hrs. a day.
Lions might be my sleep idols.
1. Sleep. Good Lord, can we please do away with the 3:30 a.m. wake up call, wherein we worry about our children, or what we have to do tomorrow, or the fact that we really could die any minute, and where is the dog sleeping, anyway? PLEASE. I recommend that you sleep, whenever possible, until you wake up, and then take a nap the instant you feel fatigued. Put away your caffeine, you fiends! You need your sleep!

YES I can attend 70 different meetings
this week! because I am a robot like that!

2. Do not add the extra things.  To your agenda, of course. Let me just say that my week included many meetings, all of which I needed to be (a) prepared for, and (b) aware of, as in, sentient enough to check my calendar, assuming that all the meetings were even on the calendar. The people, when you are sick, ten meetings in a week, plus your job, plus an extra run up into another county for a convention and sleepover: the people, this is too much! How does one expect to get better while carrying on in this way?

--to meetings. But say YES to soup.
3. Resolve. You must resolve to take care of yourself, whatever this means. Among the things it might mean: stretchy clothes. A crossword puzzle, solved while lying in a fetal position. Warm beverages. A snuggle with a granddaughter and grandson. The easiest possible dinners. Soup, which I did not have this week (note to self: SOUP.). Just say no to meetings (which I did not do). You will need to be staunch, fierce, even, in the face of the assault on your recovery. Think of it this way: those meetings aren't hostile to you, precisely. But they are oblivious. And if you don't shut your door, metaphorically, to them, and hide under some covers so they can't see you, they will keep on pressing. They are relentless like that. You have to be firm with them. You have to know your limits! The people--and by the people, I mean hightouchmegastore--you must know your limits!

4. Okay, no more raving at yourself. You are only human, the people. You make mistakes, we all do, and you're just trying to do your best. But week nine billion of the winter cold is time to take a stand. Forgive yourself: you couldn't help saying yes to all those meetings. But now you know better: you need to take care of yourself, so button up your sweater and get in bed.


william warby, sleeping lion
pleuntje, #ohpleaseno
donnamarijne, just say no
mouton.rebelle, be kind to yourself


  1. The saying "no" is so hard. Last night, we invited my in-laws to dinner at a restaurant. My mother-in-law just wanted soup so she stayed home. What? No? To something fun? I can't even so no to un-fun things. I think I'm like Zoe who doesn't want to miss a day of school. What if something interesting happens? What if this meeting changes my life? Please, dear HTMS, let us remind ourselves never once has a meeting changed anyone's life.

  2. Good golly I hope your 3:30 a.m. wake-up and worry legislation goes through. Is there a petition I can sign? Here's to a better second week, HT. Soyez sympa!



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