Wednesday, January 08, 2014


Today, a friend shared this from Verlyn Klinkenborg, from his A Few Short Sentences About Writing:

"Is it possible to practice noticing?

I think so.
But I also think it requires a suspension of yearning
And a pause in the desire to be pouring something out of yourself.
Noticing is about letting yourself out into the world,
Rather than siphoning the world into you
In order to transmute it into words."


  1. I am just learning how to do this.

  2. I loved every single scrap of this.

  3. I've been tristely reminiscing about Leslie Norris, for some reason, lately. He was the sort of poet I wanted to be, I think, and am so not. But this from him about noticing: "I think I do most of my work walking about. I let my mind go. Most of my work is waiting really. I wait for the poem to come in and be ready and welcome it. But I train for it. I study every day."



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