Monday, March 11, 2013

The final countdown (notes on metaphor).

...or whatever other hair metal song from the 80s you'd like to be the theme song of this post.

In just three weeks I am giving a lecture that I have been preparing for several months. If by "preparing" we mean "ordering books from Amazon" and "thinking about it." Also, doing desultory internet research and saving the links on Delicious.

I'm pretty excited about it, though. Over spring break, it will all come together. Just you wait. I am going to give periodic updates as to this coming together progress. I will be

1. weaving the threads of my argument together into a brilliant tapestry (note to self: perhaps textile metaphor will be key?)

2. assembling the pieces of my research into a brilliant mosaic (note to self: artisanal/craft metaphors abound. are there other metaphoric regions from which to draw?)

there *may* be a modern dance component.
3. welding the components of my metaphor into a sturdy and brilliant structure (note to self: welding. good one!)

4. cooking the ingredients of my lecture into a savory and delicious and--yes, it must be said--brilliant concoction. of which we will all eat, and be filled. (note to self: recipe. perhaps a visual?)

I could go on. I will go on, hells yes I will go on, I only have three weeks.

When I envision this lecture, I see, like, the best TED talk ever. And bonus--refreshments afterward.
Three words: brilliant. multimedia. extravaganza. BAM.  (four words.)


  1. I am SO there. A bit tipsy on metaphors, at the moment, but looking forward to the way you whisk together those artisanal ingredients into a riveting (and riveted) embroidered jacket with Michael Jackson epaulets. And then . . . dance, I guess. Anywho. Can't wait. You will be brilliant, comme toujours. (You said refreshments, right?)

  2. I wish I could SO be there in person, but I will SO be there in spirit. Happy preparing, HT! You will be amazing, as usual.

  3. I agree, will there be a TED style youtube video of this event? Esp. the dancing part. I love the dancing.



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