Saturday, March 16, 2013

Me vs. my library, round 1.

Ever since, I don't know, it seemed like there was more light, and the weather wasn't so grim, and it turned from February to March, probably, I have been on a mission to go through my stuff and give things away. And this afternoon, when I was sitting in my study, aka den of squalor, I thought, I am going to give away one third of my books.

Digression: one third seems to be the figure, the proportion, the fraction and the requisite amount that comes to my mind when I think about getting rid of the excess of my stuff. Why one third? I could not tell you. It is a sizable amount. It is not a paltry ten percent nor a paltry twenty percent. It is a third, thirty three percent, and the wind could whistle through the branches, metaphorically speaking, of my library. If my library were a tree and I had just pruned it. I think you catch my drift.

I warmed up by going through my sweaters. Actually just my cardigans. I did not so much go through my sweaters and cull one third of them to give away. I did, however, put some of my more wintry sweaters with the other wintry sweaters (in another location), so that all my sweaters could go in their appropriate container. I plan to do the same with my pullovers and then my scarves next.

Thus in the sorting-and-culling groove, I moved back into my study. My eyes raked ruthlessly over the shelves. I began with poetry. I have a lot of poetry. Some of my books of poetry I have obtained by losing book competitions. I'll start with those, I thought.

Digression #2: The spines of books of poetry are so skinny. This means that, on a given shelf of books of poetry, there are a lot of spines standing side-by-side. It's like a battalion of poetry, organized in ranks. Such a battalion might organized to defeat me in my purpose of thinning the ranks!

One book of poems, plucked from the ranks. Into the giveaway bag it went.

Digression #3: I have a lot of literary journals. Many of these literary journals I subscribe to by virtue of having submitted my manuscript to a book competition, sponsored by the journal. Why do I still have them? Couldn't someone make better use of them?

One literary journal, plucked from the ranks. Into the giveaway bag it went.

At this rate, I don't know what. And don't get me started on literary theory and criticism. Or rhetorical theory and criticism. Who knows what I might need? In the future? for my scholarly projects?

On the plus side, I did throw away and recycle a bunch of miscellaneous other stuff.

Books: Go ahead, sleep the sleep of the innocent tonight. But I am coming back for you tomorrow.


  1. You have inspired me to 1. Blog 2. Blog about books.
    So thanks.
    Maybe you could give away some clothes to make room for the clothese we are about to buy tomorrow???

  2. That final sentence is one of my favorite sentences of all time. Just thought you should know.



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