Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Stuff I plan to do while at AWP.

Tomorrow, I am going to get on an airplane and jet away from everything. Well, I am going to indulge myself in the fantasy of that, whilst on an airplane which wends toward Boston.

Here are some other things on my agenda that are hopefully less delusional:

{\/ below, the column of my literary lights \/:}

Mr. Delillo.
1. Eat something delicious every day. Hopefully more than one thing.
2. See some friends.
3. Hide away when I need to.
4. Listen to Don Delillo talk.
5. Listen to Jeanette Winterson and Alison Bechdel talk to each other.
6. Pick up an idea or so while attending sessions.

7. Write a response to an RFP? It needs to happen for reals.
Alison Bechdel!
8. GRADE? help me!
9. Be quiet somewhere?
10. Fondle the goods at the book fair.
11. Wear the outfits I have packed, which are, at the moment, cute, nestled in my bag. I hope they stay cute in transit. Sometimes stuff you've packed loses its cuteness while in transit by a factor of ten. I don't even know what that actually means, but it is nonetheless true, I fear.

Jeannette Winterson!
This is probably enough things to do. I am going to have a good time, partly because I always do and partly because I travel with the Dr. That's right: Dr. Write. She is the mistress of all revelries and also a planner extraordinaire.

But I hope I don't get sick from lack of sleep before I even get out of town.


  1. Makes me happy to think of you rubbing tweed shoulders with and shaking the ink-stained hands of other amazing writers. Leave all your troubles behind and indulge all the delusions. Safe and healthy travels, HT.

  2. I've been really bummed all week that I'm not going to AWP this year. Have a supergood time!

  3. If you can, eat at Ten Tables. For reals. I'm eating there Fri at 545. You can join me if you want.

  4. I hope that all of these plans come true.



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