Wednesday, April 27, 2011

spring fever


a little sickness that comes with the more light, a little sleepy at five o'clock, a little worry that a crash might be coming upon the blessed release, but the blessed release nonetheless

a few daffodils sulphuring up the ground, a cutting back and a coming forth

bare legs and a little more snow

waking at six fifty, just before the seven o'clock alarm

a week and a week and

the corner


  1. spring fever here too. I always love the outfits my girls put together to appreciate the weather!

  2. This poem is my day. Literally. I woke up at 6:50 (well Max did.) The sicknesses around the house are making the tulips and spring-green birch leaves make me feel a little melancholy.

  3. "Sulphuring up the ground" is my favorite phrase of teh day. Week. Season. Perhaps of my life. And lookee here--the word verification is "spore" which suggests growing things which suggests spring fever.



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