Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Not really, actually.

Running son drops my car off at school. At the curb:

Running son: Creo que tu choche necesita un poco de gasolina. [The gas gauge is flirting with the red dot that signifies "running on fumes."]

Me: [Shoulders sag with the weary weariness of disappointment and weariness. And disappointment. I have exactly one dollar, which will buy, like, a cubic centimeter of gasolina.]

Running son: ...I thought it wouldn't be as disappointing if I said it in Spanish.


radagast said...

You sound so . . . weary.

Lisa B. said...

--don't forget disappointed.

radagast said...

Oh, and. Debit card. Sayin'.

radagast said...

Or an hijo mas bueno. :)

Ann said...

Jajajajajajaja! Which is how you say hahahahahaha! (In Spanish, of course.)


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