Saturday, April 16, 2011

Open letter to my blog.

Dear Hightouchmegastore,

Have I neglected you of late? I believe that I have, and I want you to know I'm aware of this fact, and it gnaws at me a little. I would offer you an explanation, or a series of explanations, but I think, honestly, you know: I overcommitted in a big, big way over--let's face it--the last two years. So this is the homestretch of my overcommitment.

I can see you waiting, hightouchmegastore, with your week-old post, and the lengthy intervals between the posts before that, and actually, rather than the afore-mentioned gnawing, I feel a little lift of my spirits. And that's because it's the middle of April, which is only a couple of weeks before the end of April. I wish I could show you my calendar for May, hightouchmegastore. It has vast creamy (that's the color of the paper) expanses of no commitments. It's maybe the most beautiful thing I've seen in quite some time.

I am looking forward to sitting down daily with you, hightouchmegastore, for a tidy little chat about what I'm reading, or viewing, or thinking about. For little gusts of complaining. For exhilarations and enthusiasms. We've had a good time doing that in the years before this, haven't we? Having a glass of iced tea or three and rambling on about nothing? I am looking forward to that. To doing it again and again.


lisa b


  1. I will look forward to that as well. The reading of your blog helps to fill my own creamy expanses. (Somehow, that image doesn't work for me . . .)

  2. I'm looking forward to May. I will read your blog daily. I will respond daily. I will luxuriate in the creaminess of May.
    11 days to go. Well, really 18 until classes are over but that first week of May will still be smooth.

  3. Dear HTMS,

    We, your constant lovers, will never abandon you. Instead we will wait with dreams of May.





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