Sunday, April 24, 2011

Before I sleep,

I am thinking rather obsessively of vegetables, Los Angeles, Idaho, northern California and my oldest darling friend, the desert, music, movies, writing, my manuscript, taking pictures, flowers, possibly digging up the front lawn, grandchildren and their delights, and cleaning out my closets.

But there are things I am treasuring in the moments, such as the conclusion of almost all the big events of this semester:
  • our Writing and Social Justice Conference, with Nicholas Kristof in the front seat of my car! four separate times;
  • the publication of the first SLCC Publication Center chapbook;
  • a beautiful edition of Folio; and
  • a trip with the Publication Studies Students to the Book Arts Program and Red Butte Press up at the Marriott Library.
This last happened on Friday, and again, in an academic year that has taken me just about to my limits and yet been filled with delights and amazements far more than I could have predicted, this visit was better than I'd ever dreamed. We made pieces of letter press, looked at elegant letter-press books, examined various presses, and made our own blank books. Here's a little video of the letter-pressing:

It was beyond.


  1. I hope you have operators standing by, because I would like to buy some Hightouch-Kristof-letterpress mojo, please. And send it express.

  2. What a happy list of things to obsess about. Yes indeed. I would be happy to help you tear up the front yard--or at least to advise on what to plant there.

    Congratulations on an academic year well spent.

  3. I had a whole on-the-road comment for you on my way back from LA, carrying with me avocados, and oranges but it got deleted. The important thing: you made me remember to go pick up the chair my poetry/printmaking class made for him. Thank you!



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