Monday, February 07, 2011

Short thank you notes.

Dear Monday,

Thank you for the little things. The canceled meeting, the quiet morning. The peach turnover, which, though it doesn't scream "February breakfast," was warm and delicious.


Lisa B.


Dear Camel Colored Sweater,

Thanks for looking so good today. Even though I bought you from the Victoria's Secret Catalog, thanks for being so versatile, since there was actually no way I was going to wear you as a very short dress/sexy nightgown? Especially not to work.


Lisa B.


Dear Tomorrow,

I would like to postpone you.

Thank you,

Lisa B.


Dear Chile Verde Burritos,

Thank you for being my dinner and thank you also for, in your flexible way, being not averse to being styrofoamed and taken out. Also, thank you for revealing your capacity to be a leftover.


Lisa B.


lis said...

it's so nice of you to write thank-you notes to the sweater, the burrito, et al. I am sure that they appreciate the appreciation. I am currently writing a note of non-appreciation to the excess of peanuts I just ate--ugh.

Amelia said...

I am always grateful for leftovers.

gilian said...

Dear HTMS: Thank you for the delightful notes.

Emma J said...

Dear Lisa B.,

You are my favorite short lettriste.

And thank you for giving the word to tomorrow. I've been trying to work out the way to tell him just what you said.


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