Sunday, February 06, 2011

Pictures, mostly of art.

So: home. This entailed getting up at 4:30 a.m. and venturing forth, showerless and inadequately rested (this goes without saying), still with the sick, ready to go home but unready for the journey.

Glad to be here. We got to see a baby blessing this afternoon, the historian's son's tiny daughter. Then we had cake, and then we came home. There are boys in my basement playing Super Smash Brothers, and why not? It's a night of games.

I confess that I felt good for almost nothing but downloading my pictures and uploading them to Flickr. They are pictures I took yesterday, when Dr. Write and I had a quick but sensational tour of three museums and a tapas restaurant, along with a quick smash & grab at an H&M. It was great.

This is not a good genre, the photograph of art, but I kind of can't help myself. Also, I love the light in museums. There was one room (you'll know it when you get there--) where whoever lit the place was a genius, maybe as much of a genius as the sculptor whose work was displayed there.

Anyway, consider yourself warned. Here are my photographs, of art:


  1. Always good to see life through the Hightouch lens!

  2. I want that one of the face with the shadows.

  3. Makes me want to go and see something new - love those hand sculptings and the wire mobiles with shadows - the shadows do complete the work. But the photo that got me the most was of a woman in bubble-coat - the cross-grid pattern riding up her raised arm and the crosswalk in zebra stripes - so many lines and right angles and at the center the organc swirls of a head of hair. Nice!



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