Monday, February 14, 2011

A few things I have been thinking about.

1. The Jazz and Jerry Sloan. I have opinions. And I have thoughts. To sum up: I wish it had happened either last summer or this upcoming summer, it was probably just about time, and I think I will scream--SCREAM--if the fans of the Utah Jazz put undue blame on a certain point guard. To sum up: I will SCREAM.

2. The fact that I am going to Scotland in March! to see everyone who lives there.

3. This summer. In fact, I almost can't stop thinking about this summer. (summary: Los Angeles/Idaho/my backyard/quiet/iced tea/make some movies/write some poems)

4. The mouse who possibly still lives in my house. And its possible brethren. We caught one in the humane trap (released, probably made its way immediately back to the house. In fact, I think we are ourselves making the mice in the field smarter as we speak.), and today I said to the historian, "I am indulging in the fantasy that there was just one mouse, and it's running all over the house, and now we've caught it, they're all gone." The historian chuckled, knowingly. As in, he knows I'm on crack and he also knows that the mice have, like, established a condominium in the dark places of this house, stealing out only to feast upon toast crumbs. Also, to flaunt their mousy intelligence and wiliness.

5. The sparkly shirt I plan to wear tomorrow.

6. The fact that I keep leaving my headset and mic in my office, rendering my intention to record audio comments for my students moot until I fetch it. (Freudian forgetting? Possibly.)

7. Veronica Mars. Currently streaming on Netflix. Seriously, how did I not know that this show was awesome? And set in SoCal? And full of class resentment? in other words, right up my alley? (thanks to college daughter for the heads up, and for watching countless episodes with me.)

8. The three little dogs who followed us home on Saturday, despite my sternest efforts to get them to go home. They are living in our laundry room while the posters advertising the fact that we found them flutter forlornly on the lampposts of the neighborhood.


  1. i am a little nervous about the dogs......thanks for bringing Deacon a Valentine today! Also nervous about the mice. Yikes!

  2. 1. I'm nervous about the dogs too. Call the shelter? See if anyone has looked for them there? It is creepy how dogs just follow you guys!
    2. Veronica Mars! Awesome! We must chat!
    3. March! March! March!

  3. I am so very glad you have a sparkly shirt to think about. And I need a download of all your doggy wisdom. As a neo-puppy-phyte I am repeatedly stumped. And it is our dog that follows every other likely looking (possibly new potential?)owner. Should I take this personally?

  4. You have three dogs living with you?

  5. I am gaining a deeper appreciation every day for the significance of March in your world as I wait helplessly for some of mine to leave for not nearly so far away but still quite far away places.

    Mouse. Mice. Either way-yuck and that is an ewwww yuck, not a harhar yuck. Please for the love of all that matters stop making them smarter. Please.

    Sparkly shirt? Sweet.

    And those little dogs? Watch out for them. I may be just really lucky, but I don't think my little dog has enough room in his head for brains and eyes and teeth and all of the rest, so he skipped brains. Seriously. Missed the line for brains. Or he's a big fan of opposite day. Every day. Cute, but so confused.



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