Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Q: Whatsoever did happen to the three little dogs?
A: Well, it was high drama. Online, on the website for the animal shelter of my city, it said that they (a) were not open on Saturdays, (b) were closed before we could get home on the worky-work days of last week, (c) were possibly scary and disheartening to visit (not on the website), (d) whatsoever would we do, and whatsoever would become of the three little dogs?

Well, after said dogs had been at our house for a week, cozily ensconced in our laundry room/enclosed porch, we decided we really needed to take them to the shelter, since we were getting no action from our flyers/sign/newspaper ad. So running son and I (with a heavy heart) took the dogs to the shelter.

Where the shelter folks were, of course, very nice, but only after interrogating me as to whether I found said dogs, and to wit, within the city limits. And where the young woman working the desk said, "I know who those dogs belong to." And lo! the heavens did sing, for there was within the city limits of my city a man who has four (FOUR) Shih Tzu dogs, and he had picked up one of them (not one we found), and had said these magic words to the young woman: "I am still missing three (THREE) Shih Tzus."

And the young woman did remember these words, and did repeat them unto us after which she rang the gent whose Shih Tzus we had in our wriggle-filled arms, so that she could deliver the message. BAM.

Q: Where have you been, hightouchmegastore?
A: At an undisclosed location.

Q: And what did you eat there?
A: Tacos pescados. Shrimp and fries. Salmon hash. Mussels and frites. Gougeres. Pear tartlet with honey ice cream.

Q: And what awaited you upon your return home?
A: The kids and grandkids came over for lasagne and gelato. We took down the Christmas decor. High spirits and merriment. Three fewer alien dogs in the house.

Q: And are you rested and ready to fight another day?
A: Boy howdy.


  1. Interesting that under your last answer ("Boy Howdy") was a referral to a previous post titled "Lies I Tell Myself."

  2. Sing it sistah! You are the St. Francis of Salt Lake Ascity.
    You save the puppies, once again!

  3. Hooray for a happy dog resolution!

  4. Well done. As the frequent--no, constant-- owner of wandering dogs, well done.

  5. I'm thinking about the owner's To-Do list.

    1. Pick up laundry
    2. Run to the grocery store for bread and milk
    3. Send off package at work
    4. Call Mom in Arizona to find out when she and Dad are heading north again

  6. What is this feeling of being rested and ready to fight another day? Please to describe.
    Also, wherefore the undisclosed location with delicious food?

  7. Hooray! I'm so glad you found the owner.

  8. Yay for undisclosed locations! And for you - yay for you! If I ever decide to lose my puppy it will have to be far away from your so-capable range.



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