Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The thick of it.

Hello, September 9, with your aggressive late night e-mails and pursuant troubles galore. Hello, days scheduled from dawn to dusk, already. Hello, the collision of this possible event with that fixed event, and hello, that sweaty feeling that I'm forgetting something. Hello! I hadn't exactly forgotten about you, the thick of it, but I certainly didn't remember how you sidled up, almost silently, and hung around my doorway like a doom.


Yet there is beautiful weather, although there are also gusty winds. Yet there are interesting classes to teach and a good crop of litmag students; still, more and more meetings. Yet there is Beatles Rock Band (aka the birthday pony) and leftover birthday cheesecake that I may or may not have eaten for breakfast. And many, many tomatoes, and weeks and weeks left of the farmer's market. And mostly not waking up in the middle of the night because of The Troubles incumbent upon me because of being a faculty leader (aka, FL, which means . . . anyone? anyone? F*** Lisa?). Mostly not, the thick of it, mostly just sleeping with the window still open.


It just got so busy so fast.


And still, the thick of it, I will be able to keep riding my bike for a little while after dinner for a few more weeks. As long as dinner is early, and before the late night e-mails commence.


Nik said...

The semester always pretends to let you ease into it but by day two it seems to slam you in the head. Isn't there a mellow week to look forward to in October? Oh yeah, you guys have fall break. I'm going to pretend I have one too.

Emma J said...

Something about those repeated HELLOs brings to mind Inigo Montoya and assures me that you will thrash that pasty-faced, latenight emailing, six-fingered Thick of It but thoroughly.

I love the bikes!

DiaNe said...

My dad and I did that bike trip when we went to the cabin this summer!

CPS said...

oh, I can't wait to hear about "the pony"--our boys are begging us to get one for Xmas.

gilian said...

Beetles Rock Band. It was my mother's day gift this year and we all play it. Even Jack. You will love it more than a pony. Like I know, I've never had a pony.

Ann said...

Please send me late night e-mails whenever.

And that bit about sleeping with the window open--perfection. My daughter-in-law said the thing she misses about Salt Lake are late summer nights filled with cricket noise.


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