Saturday, September 18, 2010


I fear I have lost my blogging mojo.

I, who love the blog.

I am worried about this, because it feels like the thin end of the wedge to losing writing altogether.

If I can't drum up a little sentence or ten to write on a daily or every-other-daily basis, what then?

For blogging stood in as a proxy for writing proper. Kept me at it. Was in the near vicinity of other writing. Poetry, if you must know.

Today, I could have written about: the birth of a new grandson (yesterday). A funeral (today). A movie (The Town). A pile of new books. My Moleskine collection in which I can never quite locate the relevant notes I took at that one meeting. The farmer's market. The new/old Rock Band version my youngest son found. Having a grandson over while his folks were at the hospital with his new youngest brother. The pressing need to locate new restaurants to frequent.

There was a time when any one of those could have been a blog post.

I just feel the need to say it: some little writing space is closing off in my life, I don't like it, it actually makes me feel a little cold inside.

I'm going to find a way back in. I think I need to.

. . . and out.


  1. I haven't blogged near as long or as much as you and you know how often I "stop" and then return. Hang in there. And congrats Grandma!

  2. Don't leave me! It's getting desolate out here. Your blog is the light of my morning--the reason I know what's in season at the Farmer's Market and the way I know how to see the positive in the, say, endless grading of papers. Your writing is never frivolous but it is always beautiful and if I can send you some blogging mojo in the mail, I will.
    (word verif: wistan. Indeed, Lisa B. Wistan!)

  3. I'm with Nik. We need you. I will try to blog more often if this will help you. Only my blog is boring while yours is not. But I will try.

  4. I may try to blog more often, or I may quit blogging altogether. I haven't decided yet. I think about this every time I'm notified that I need to renew my domain. Is it worth it? I mostly just use my blog to point to stuff now, which Facebook does so much better.

  5. I don't know. I want to say, Don't stop. Don't stop. I love your blog. I love the small sane window it opens for me daily, every-other-daily. And the way it makes me laugh and see things with clarity. And also the movies and music and farmer's markets. And the world will be a little darker and duller if the hightouchmegastore goes fishing.

    But. I also love (even more love?) your poems. And sometimes I think blogging is parasitical, vampirish, keeps you from doing your real writing. (By you I mean other people than actually "you," of course. People like "me.")

    Maybe "you" can do both. Maybe blogging and writing strengthen each other in your case.

    But maybe it's no sin to stop if the Muse says to turn your full attention to Her for a time?

    Just do come back when She lets you loose again.



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