Thursday, September 02, 2010

For my birthday I may or may not be getting a pony.

Over Mexican food:

Running son:
What if we really did get you a pony? What would you think?

Me: I would probably get horse-tending lessons.

Running son: . . . but what if we got you horse-tending lessons that came with the pony?

Me: I would teach myself how to make a bridle by hand.

Running son: . . . but what if we were able--what if we got all of that in a bundle, like, in a package?

Me: I would apprentice myself to a blacksmith and, like, learn to make horseshoes, and then I would get a farrier to teach me how to put them on.

Running son: Okay, but what would you think? Would you be shocked, or would you love it?

Me: I would be shocked, and then I would probably like it.

Running son: Where would you keep it?

The historian: You'd keep it in the field, wouldn't you?

Me: Sure.


  1. Okay. See. I wondered when somebody wished you happy birthday in August. I thought that might have been Valeen's birthday, but sheep that I am, I joined in the chorus. ON THE WRONG DAY!

    So. I hope that if you get a pony, it is one of those ponies that keeps mice in the field where they belong.

    Happy birthday.

  2. No, it was her birthday she us just getting her big present today! Exciting!

  3. You sound so excited?

    Being apprenticed to a farrier sounds fascinating though.

    I have learned to make a chocolate cake that is unbelievably good (secret ingredient mayonnaise and a little extra salt - shh). I am sending you - telepathically - a small perfect heart-shaped cake for your birthday. Belately. With one pink candle.

    Hope it arrives in good shape.

  4. Well, did you get a pony or not?

  5. You deserve a pony or two. Also, this reminds me of a happier rendition of Bob Dylan's A Hard Rain.

  6. WE should've gone with the pony. Sorry!

  7. Blogwalking :) Glad I stumbled into your blog - love your writing!



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